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Accelerate development transformation

Projects that boost your business with the lowest possible budget and timelines.

We build complete solutions that maximize the value of your business, that add value quickly, adapt to the environment to enhance your competitive advantages and evolve to become an asset for your organization in the form of a scalable platform.

Our value proposition

Start light, fast and solid

Our approach gets the first version of the application quickly into production, ideal for scenarios where a short time to market is key. We move forward with confidence from solid foundations; from the certainty of a working application.

View from MVP to Scalable Platform

The solutions we build embark on an evolutionary journey, from minimum viable products to grow into scalable platforms capable of supporting millions of users.

Adaptability and flexibility

From very early stages, we start collecting real data on how the solution works. It allows us to discover and take advantage of new opportunities, as well as facilitating decision-making in complex environments. Innovation comes as standard in our development approach.

Holistic approach

Our team covers various fields of expertise in the field of application development. From systems to design, including backend, frontend, data and other disciplines, we can work together, eliminating the need for coordination with other teams.

Technical specialization

We use technologies conceived for this type of software: adaptive, scalable, incremental, following the most solid design patterns. We use tailor-made software that boosts your competitive advantages and becomes an asset from the very first moment.

The best possible project within the budget and time available

We adapt development times by prioritizing the fulfillment of our clients' business objectives, adapting development cycles and focusing on the essential requirements for time to market.The empirical testing of concepts, brings the functionalities that the development must fulfill closer to the purposes for which they have been approached.


There is nothing better than seeing the application working to understand what is missing and what is not.

Agile philosophy

We are fully aligned to the principles of agile application development, we focus on obtaining results that satisfy the project's objectives as our main goal:

Individuals versus processes and tools

Working software versus excessive documentation

Collaboration with customers and other parties vs. contractual rigidity

Responding to change vs. following a plan

Areas of expertise

Vídeo on Demand

The need for VOD platforms with different objectives is becoming more and more widespread: the broadcasting of video content internally, taking advantage of generated content for monetisation on the Internet, etc.

At Team Catalyst we have developed this type of solutions for top level players, such as Fox or National Geographic content (later integrated into Disney+) or the magazine ¡Hola!

Tailor-made content management systems

Sometimes content management needs are so specific that it makes more sense to develop bespoke content management systems than a general CMS. 

At Team Catalyst we have developed a multitude of such solutions, allowing us not to start from scratch. In data models such as Condé Nast's, with complex content typologies, this approach has been successful.


The Internet has become one of the preferred channels for online learning for millions of learners. Tools that take advantage of this paradigm are essential in any e-Learning content strategy.

The most modern solutions also include personalisation, complementing Learning Management Systems (LMS) with Learning Record Stores (LRS), making the learning experience much richer.

At Team Catalyst we have conceived systems of this type that have been embodied in products such as NeuroK or in customized corporate systems in companies such as Abbvie.


Transactional systems that manage financial transactions are one of the most critical that we can face. Transaction integrity, first class security and access control are some of the key aspects in this type of solution.

At Team Catalyst we have professionals with extensive experience in this field. We participated in the construction of the first Home Banking solutions developed in Spain. Today we build modern applications in this area for leading companies such as Flywire or Waitr.

Our tech stack

We have been active for many years in technology communities of languages and frameworks that we use in the construction of our solutions.

Ruby on Rails

One of the first development frameworks and pioneer in the implementation of MVC pattern and principles of non-repetition of code, ability to build evolving and collaborative software. We are an active part of the Hispanic community of this framework, with prominent members and collaborating in the organization of events.


Since its conception, it has been the reference MVC framework in the PHP world. Inspired by Ruby on Rails, it has been able to evolve and bring to the PHP universe good practices and patterns from many other languages. We have been members of the Spanish Symfony community since the beginning and we are a reference in this technology, as well as partners of its creators, SensioLabs.


The content management system specially designed to assimilate agile development methodologies and implement solutions that adapt to the needs of the project. It has evolved in recent years by implementing best practices, making it the CMS of reference for projects rich in specific functionalities.

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